Early childhood education
We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2024 semester. Classes will be offered Monday to Wednesday, 9h00 to 3h00, for the daytime cohort. In order to accommodate your lifestyle, we also offer a flexible night and week-end schedule. Most classes will be done on site, unless the health emergency is extended. Please contact us for more information.
college bcm Early childhood education

AEC Code: JEE.0K (recognized by the MFA). Duration: 1260 hours
Courses are offered in English and in French, daytime, nights and weekends, depending on the amount of applications.
If you are currently working in a daycare center, you may be eligible for the AMT option (Apprentissage en Millieu de Travail). Click here for more details. 

Employment rate for JEE.0K: 95%
-89% of students seeking employment have found a job.
-6% of students chose to continue their studies at university.

This data comes from the survey "La Relance au colégial en formation technique 2018" conducted by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. For more information, see the detailed statistics table 

Information on the profession
For more information, visit www.inforoutefpt.org 

Purpose and objectives
- Development of educational personnel who will be prepared to support the overall development of children from birth to 12 years;
- Equip the person to exercise the functions as well as to execute the tasks supporting the educational mission and the basic needs of children;
- Facilitate the integration of the student into the professional life and improve the student's understanding of the context of the educational profession;
- Favor the growth and deepening of professional knowledge;
- Favor the professional mobility of the student by the acquisition of knowledge permitting him or her to perform different services with different clienteles
Admission requirements
- Possess a diploma of secondary studies or have an equivalent or training in the field of studies, as determined by the Campus Notre-Dame de Foy. 
- Have interrupted his studies for at least two (2) consecutive terms or have completed at least one academic year.
Particular conditions of admission

- Absence of impediments (judicial record)
Documents to submit
- Admissions application (Campus form)
- Birth certificate (with the parents' names)
- Record of recent grades (secondary and, if they exist, collegial and university)
- Curriculum vitae to date (in the absence of a high school diploma)
- If applicable, all documents related to immigration and Quebec residency status.
Development focused on the environment
- Practical and theoretical studies
- Stages
322-703-NF The profession of childhood educator
322-713-NF Security in Child Care
322-724-NF Communication in the work place
350-704-NF Global development of the child 0-5 years
322-843-NF Educational Objectives
322-714-NF Child Observation
322-793-NF Child Health
350-714-NF Global development of children 5-12 years
322-773-NF Meaningful relationships with the child
322-823-NF Autonomy of the child
322-709-NF Stage I: Initiation
322-744-NF Educational Interventions with children 2-5 years
322-813-NF Special Needs of the Child
322-833-NF Partnership in the work place
322-734-NF Educational interventions with children 0-2 years
322-803-NF Healthy Eating
322-754-NF Educational interventions with Children 5-12 years
322-824-NF Behavioral Interventions
322-70F-NF Stage II: Integration

* This list of courses is subject to change without notices.


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