Early Childhood Education AMT
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Early Childhood Education AMT - Work-based Training


The AMT option (Apprentissage en Milieu de Travail) is an intensive, work-based and practice-oriented training. This is the ideal option for people currently working in CPE and daycare centers, with some experience in the profession, but who are not yet certified.

The theoretical component of the courses is offered in hybrid training, online and in person, on Sunday and Tuesday evening. The practical work component is done in daycare settings, with educational supervision from BCM College. Stages are also done in the workplace and supervised by BCM.

The program is completed in 3 sessions of 16 weeks plus the Stage 2. The programme is offered in modular courses: 3 courses scheduled at a time, in blocks of 8 weeks.

Session 1 (16 weeks)

322-703-NF The profession of childhood educator
322-713-NF Security in Child Care
322-734-NF Educational interventions with children 0-2 years
350-704-NF Global development of the child 0-5 years
322-843-NF Educational Objectives
322-714-NF Child Observation

Session 2 (16 weeks)

350-714-NF Global development of children 5-12 years
322-823-NF Autonomy of the child
322-793-NF Child Health
322-773-NF Meaningful relationships with the child
322-724-NF Communication in the work place
322-744-NF Educational Interventions with children 2-5 years

Session 3 (16 weeks)

322-813-NF Special Needs of the Child
322-824-NF Behavioral Interventions
322-754-NF Educational interventions with Children 5-12 years
322-833-NF Partnership in the work place
322-803-NF Healthy Eating
322-709-NF Stage I: Initiation

Final stage (8 weeks)

322-70F-NF Stage II: Integration