Assisting people with deficiencies
We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2024 semester. Classes will be offered Monday to Wednesday, 9h00 to 3h00, for the daytime cohort. In order to accommodate your lifestyle, we also offer a flexible night and week-end schedule. Most classes will be done on site, unless the health emergency is extended. Please contact us for more information.
asstAEC code : JNC.0E
Duration: 795 hours in 3 terms:
Full-time, day or evening classes
Diploma: AEC, Assistance to people with deficiencies
Courses are offered in English and in French,depending on the amount of applications.
This program leading to an Attestation of College Studies seeks to train people prepared to help individuals with physical, sensory, and psychological deficiencies, mental difficulties and other health-related issues. This assistance applies to all ages, including children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.
This program is offered at BCM on behalf of Campus Notre Dame de Foy, in agreement with Collège Mérici, and is fully accredited by Ministère de l’Éducation Supérieure.

The person trained in assistance performs various functions, such as observing and assisting persons who have difficulty with learning and daily life activities. This trained person also sees to the comfort and needs of such people and assists them in their movements. As necessary, he or she also provides routine treatments and may be called upon to install certain devices. He or she informs those responsible or other members of the treatment team on the condition of patients.
-Enjoys empathizing with and helping people in difficulty.
-Enjoys leading, creating, and planning activities.
-Demonstrates a sense of responsibility and cooperation.
-Demonstrates open-mindedness and a capacity for adaptation.
-Demonstrates the ability to listen, analyze, and communicate.
-Possesses good physical and emotional balance.
-Demonstrates leadership, dynamism, and versatility.
Prospective Employers
-Health networks and social services agencies
-School boards
-Community or educational organizations
-Rehabilitation institutions
-Family settings
Types of Employment
-Aide for people with physical and intellectual deficiencies
-Shadow and special ed. assistant
-Attendant for seniors
-Family assistant
-Agent for foster families
Skills Acquired
-Watch over and accompany people of all ages with physical, sensory, or psychological handicaps, mental health problems, or health-related difficulties in the activities of daily life.
-Provide routine care to clients.
-Install certain devices.
-Report significant behavior of clients.
-Participate in the analysis and evaluation of client issues.
-Implement individual treatments in accordance with a written treatment plan.
Admissions Requirements
In accordance with the Regulations for collegial studies, successful applicants for an AEC will possess an educational background that the college considers sufficient.
Overview of Courses

Session 1
1. Introduction to the profession 351-A10-ME
2. Communication in the workplace 351-A11-ME
3. Basics of psychology 351-A12-ME
4. Observation and report writing 351-A13-ME
5. Treatment and assistance of clients 351-A14-ME

Session 2
6. Precautions, personal safety, and ethics 351-A15-ME
7. Adapted physical and leisure activities 351-A16-ME
8. Operating and treatment instruments 351-A17-ME
9. Physical and neurological deficiencies 351-A19-ME
10. Stage I: Observation 351-A23-ME

Session 3
11. Psychopathologies associated with intellectual deficiencies 351-A20-ME
12. Intervention in emergency situations 351-A21-ME
13. Health and medication 351-A22-ME
14. Family dynamics and support networks 351-A18-ME
15. Stage II: Integration 351-A24-ME


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